Performance Analysis

Signet’s Performance Analysis provides immediate feedback on reciprocating engine and compressor health to maximize efficiency, identify operational problems and solve reliability issues.  One-time performance analysis can identify the causes of power or efficiency concerns and provide insight into the current health of the machinery.  As part of a condition monitoring program, periodic performance analyses will prevent loss of efficiency and avoid catastrophic failure.

The Signet Performance Analysis measures:

  • Package efficiency
  • Compressor valve reliability and efficiency
  • Load and throughput
  • Engine valve health and adjustment
  • Engine and compressor ring, valve and packing leaks
  • Engine peak firing pressure balance
  • Air to fuel ratios
  • Ignition timing
  • Compressor rod load and pin reversal
  • Angular velocity (torsional vibration)

The running inspection can be accompanied with shut down compression checks, borescope inspection, and oil analysis trends, to complete an engine health assessment.

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