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Multi Sector Air Pollution Regulations (MSAPR)Signet Monitoring & Analysis is proud to offer MSAPR Emissions Testing and reporting as well as a wide range of solutions to industrial providers and manufacturing facilities throughout Alberta and across Canada.

With a mandate of controlling and reducing the amount of nitrogen oxides NOx emissions produced by a number of industrial contributors nationwide, Canada’s new Multi Sector Air Pollutants Regulations (MSAPR) has been set afoot to make a difference in our country’s air quality.

Canada’s MSAPR have been put into place to provide a regulatory system for emissions from gaseous fossil fuels that is nationally consistent.

As a point of reference, base-level industrial emissions requirements (BLIERs) have been created which will serve as a very useful yardstick in which businesses may measure their current numbers against.

Canada’s Multi Sector Air Pollutants Regulations include three parts; MSAPR Part 1, MSAPR Part 2 and MSAPR Part 3.

MSAPR Part 1: Boilers and Heaters

Part 1 of Canada’s MSAPR limits the amount of allowable emissions produced by large boilers and heaters which burn gaseous fossil fuels.

It has been found that some boilers and heaters may be some of the most largely significant contributors to harmful environmental emissions.

Learn more about MSAPR Part 1 here.

MSAPR Part 2: Stationary Spark-Ignition Engines

Part 2 of the MSAPR serves to limit emissions of harmful environment pollutants produced by stationary spark-ignition engines.

While the MSAPR aims to reduce emissions across Canada, the regulations set forth in MSAPR Part 2 will most heavily affect the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, as it is these provinces that most heavily depend on these engines for their ongoing operations in the oil and gas, as well as natural gas transmission pipeline sector.

One notable distinction within MSAPR Part 2 is that this set of regulations does not cover liquid-fuel-fired engines, only those that combust gaseous fuel.

Some examples of industrial sectors affected by MSAPR Part 2 include: oil sands, pulp and paper, petroleum refining, electricity and those involved in the production of chemicals and fertilizers.

Learn more about MSAPR Part 2 here.

MSAPR Part 3: Cement Kilns

Cement manufacturing facilities across Canada are one segment of industry that have long been exempt from federal regulation of NO(x) and SO(2) emissions.

However, it is Part 3 of the MSAPR that will serve to change this precedence. As outlined by the Government of Canada, a total of 15 new and existing Canadian grey cement manufacturing facilities will be mandated to improve their industrial emissions within the time period of 2016 to 2035.

Learn more about MSAPR Part 3 here.

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