Emissions Program & Testing

Quantify your emissions and plan your emissions program with Signet’s unbiased, third-party emissions strategies. Our emissions program was created to help companies not only become regulatory compliant including the new federal MSAPR (Multi-Sector Air Pollutants Regulations), but also make their emissions program cost-effective and practical. We have over five years of compliance testing experience in North America.


Signet has teamed with industry-leading environmental companies to deliver a complete suite of engine emissions services:

  • Stack sampling – MSAPR and provincial performance tests
  • MSAPR Emissions Checks
  • Inventory assessment and project planning
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Technology solution referrals

Engine Expertise

Because our emissions testing staff have a mechanical background and are experienced in engine tuning and balancing, they work with your current tuning companies to ensure that engines meet targeted emissions levels. We guarantee that your company will never have a failed compliance report.

Load Measurement

With reciprocating compressors, a performance analyzer can be used to confirm the engine load during testing.

Specialized Emissions Truck

Our four-wheel drive emissions truck offers:

  • Superior access to your site as opposed to trailer units
  • On board power generation
  • A modern, self-contained sampling train
  • 175‘ heated sampling line
  • Regulatory compliant equipment and methods (MSAPR and Provincial)
  • Emissions Truck Product Sheet

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