About Us

The Signet Story

Ethan and Teresa Clark started Signet in 2008. The company was founded on the desire to help customers solve vibration and performance issues and reduce maintenance costs on their compression equipment.

Signet’s staff of analysts have a combined total of more than 200 years of industry experience and mechanical skill.

From its humble beginning with Ethan as the only equipment analyst, Signet now employs a staff of 19, and our staff pride themselves on excellent customer service and results.

Signet’s office is located in Red Deer, Alberta, serving customers throughout Canada.

Our Values

Signet focuses on practical and cost-effective maintenance and repair solutions. There are often ways to restore the reliability of machinery that are much less expensive than “restoring to new” or redesigning.

At Signet our goal is to provide customers with unbiased reports and advice on the condition of their equipment. We remain unaffiliated with any service providers to avoid any question of impartiality and will work with the service provider of your choice.  

Products and Equipment

Signet sells and supports a complete product line, along with Kiene valves to the Canadian marketplace. We provide thorough support and training for all products purchased.

Ethan Clark- General Manager

The founder of Signet, Ethan Clark, is an Inter-provincial Red Seal Journeyman Heavy Duty Mechanic. Ethan started his career as an apprentice field service technician and spent two decades with an industry-leading compression parts and service provider, where he took on and progressed into several supervisory and management positions. During that time, he took a two-year leave of absence to start a manufacturing, service and repair facility for a large international compressor valve manufacturing company. With over three decades of combined experience as an analyst and an engine and compressor mechanic, Ethan brings his extensive knowledge to the field of vibration and performance monitoring. Ethan has worked in virtually all aspects of the gas compression industry, from fabrication & retrofitting to commissioning, service and repair. His proficiency has proved to be invaluable when investigating and determining engine and compressor malfunctions and cost effective solutions. Ethan’s focus is customer service and providing effective economical resolutions for customers’ problems.



Mike Lund – Senior Sales Executive

Mike Lund is the Senior Sales Executive for Signet Monitoring & Analysis. His responsibility is to drive revenue and profitability for Signet while marketing and expanding growth opportunities. He previously served as a Director of Sales at Ricoh Canada Inc. for 16 years. Mike received a diploma in Business Management Marketing at Mt. Royal College in 2001. Mike is dedicated to finding innovative and customized client solutions.

Dave Bakker – Technical Services Manager

Dave graduated with an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Technology Diploma in 1980 and obtained his Aircraft Maintenance Engineer license in 1982. The wide range of skills and competencies required to maintain, overhaul and rebuild aircraft for 24 years enabled him to transfer into Oil and Gas as a rotating equipment specialist for a further 15+ years.
With efficiency and stewardship in mind, his focus is on the optimization and safe operation of rotating equipment. By using reliability centered maintenance principals, consistent low cost and high reliability goals were achieved. His experience includes field compression, gas gathering systems, and production facilities with a specialty in land based gas turbines. His technical support expertise includes; predictive and preventative maintenance, failure analysis, data analysis, compression modelling, engine performance, troubleshooting and problem solving, equipment redesign and upgrades, equipment protection and the development of maintenance procedures, and standards.

John Harvey – Manager, Rotating Equipment and Reliability Services

John is a professional engineer with over 30 years experience in reliability and leadership roles. He began his career with a well-respected machinery consulting company where he gained extensive field, design and leadership experience. He focused on rotating equipment vibration, condition monitoring, acoustical, mechanical and torsional projects. He has authored and presented various papers on vibration topics. From the consulting world, John took his customer-focused skills to work for the (at that time) largest oil and gas producer in Canada as a rotating equipment engineer. During his ten years there, John lead teams in Canada and the US which included, pressure equipment and pipeline integrity, rotating equipment, reliability, electrical and instrumentation, process engineering, drafting, specifications and maintenance management. Since his time there, John has filled leadership roles at Signet, a large midstream company and an EPC company. He returned to Signet in his current role in March 2022. Welcome back, John!

John’s approach is grounded by a strong customer service focus backed by technical excellence.

Under the banner of reliability, in his expanded role at Signet, John is leading our field vibration and performance services team plus growing our engineering services offerings. New to our portfolio are rotating equipment engineering, reliability studies, acoustical/mechanical studies, torsional studies, custom training, and other mechanical engineering technical offerings. With the 2021 Spartan Controls acquisition of Signet, John is leveraging the synergy of Spartan/Emerson and Signet strengths to help build an industry-leading reliability team.

Just reach out to John if you want to improve your machinery economics!


Dexter Gette EIT – Emissions Engineer

Dexter is a mechanical engineer in training, with a primary focus on emission testing. He first graduated with his diploma in Mechanical Engineering of Technology diploma in 2015 and then finished his degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2019. He has a wide range of experience in the Oil and Gas industry working as a summer student Field Operator, a Well Tester and Pipeliner. Outside of the Oil and Gas industry, Dexter has worked on the Royal Canadian Submarines, the Peace River Hydro dam and on Wear Parts for rock crushers. His extensive background brings a new perspective on the current emissions operations with an innate ability to troubleshoot. Dexter aims to regulate the emission testing procedures in a cost efficient and timely manner.